ps2 boot

These are tailored for the PS2 slim.

A Kernel image vmvolt has a few options compiled as modules.

The kernel is the mvl 2.4.17 one, kernel loader patches and compiled with gcc 2.95.

A file system image holds a boot strap.

As a bonus I included pivot_root for switching to your real root file system. /sbin/init-pivot can start your real-root, substitute it in your kernel command line like thus:

crtmode=pal ramdisk_size=16384 quiet root=/dev/ram0 init=/sbin/init-pivot real=/dev/sda3 delay=6

If tweaks have to be made, drop to the shell with s. Mount the system in /real-root. Press ctrl-d to return and be able to boot it.

For text editing there is joe.

(previous /proc and usb storage limit problem fixed with move to gcc 2.95)