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Solar Visitor is a space simulator where the user flies around our Solar System in a 3D view. The program and source code are provided free, but the builds are for OSes of Windows XP and older Linux. It uses a dated version of the Ogre graphics library. The planets and objects were created with the Blender program.

Because Solar Visitor is a 3D program, performance depends on the capabilities of the user's video system.

If you wish you may build from source using available tools but be warned this is not an easy task. An addition to Ogre a compiler and IDE (on Windows) are required. The Ogre web site has installation instructions for its use. Those without c/c++ experience will find themselves jumping in the deep end.

With the release of version 0.2.x the user can view planets rendered from textures which is a vast improvement over the painted colours of 0.1.0. There is still realism to add. For instance, the orbits are engineered to showcase shadow effects and not be realistic, where eclipses are rare.

The program code is released under the GPL, the media are generated from downloadable images on the web, details of location are provided. Images remain the property of respective owners.

Release version 0.2.1:

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